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Ghost Hunters Return To SciFi

For those of you who are Ghost Hunter Fans the show will return this Wednesday on the SciFi Channel.

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Ghost Pictures & Saint Patrick's Day

I would like to thank LC of for featuring two of my pictures. You can view the pictures here:

You can also view a host of other paranormal pictures for the month of March on their site below:

Thanks Again LC & A Happy Saint Patrick's Day To You!


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Through the years I have found that sometimes folks who contact us needing help with activity in their home actually are generating the activity themselves with psychokinesis (Poltergeist type of activity).

Sometimes they accept this theory and then the activity stops. Other times depending on their cultural/religious back ground they insist it is demonic or a dark entity of some sort, even when it's not (This is not to say that demonic activity doesn't exist. I just haven't found it to be as common as some believe that it is). In those cases I have watched the activity follow them from home to home. As acceptance of self is something many flee from.

This article from is on telekinesis I hope you enjoy it.


What You Need to Know About...Telekinesis

Here's a primer on telekinesis (or psychokinesis) - what it is, remarkable stories of those who have it, how it might work... and how you can test and develop your powers.

Whoever believes in psychokinesis, please raise my hand.

Psychokinesis (PK) - sometimes referred to as telekinesis or mind over matter - is the ability to move things or otherwise affect the property of things with the power of the mind. Of psychic abilities, true psychokinesis is one of the rarest. Few have been able to demonstrate this ability, and even those demonstrations are highly contested by the skeptics.

Do people have psychokinetic powers? Do you? Is there a way you can test and develop your PK abilities?

Case studies

Here are brief outlines of some people who have demonstrated remarkable PK abilities:

Stanislawa Tomczyk. Born in Poland, Tomczyk came to the attention of investigators when it was reported that startling poltergeist-like activity occurred spontaneously around her. She could control some telekinetic feats, but only under hypnosis. In this hypnotic state, Tomczyk took on a personality that called itself "Little Stasia" who could levitate small objects when Tomczyk placed her hands on either side of them. In the early 1900s, one investigator, Julien Ochorowicz, watched these levitations at very close range and observed something like fine threads emanating from her palms and fingers, although they were examined carefully before the experiment. And it didn't seem to be a trick. "When the medium separates her hands," Ochorowicz observed, "the thread gets thinner and disappears; it gives the same sensation as a spider's web. If it is cut with scissors, its continuity is immediately restored." In 1910, Tomczyk was tested by a group of scientists at the Physical Laboratory in Warsaw where she produced remarkable physical phenomena under strict test conditions.

Nina Kulagina. One of the most celebrated and scrutinized psychics to claim psychokinetic powers was Nina Kulagina, a Russian woman who discovered her abilities while attempting to develop other psychic powers. Reportedly, she has demonstrated her powers by mentally moving a wide range of nonmagnetic objects, including matches, bread, large crystal bowls, clock pendulums, a cigar tube and a salt shaker among other things. Some of these demonstrations have been captured on film. The skeptics contend, of course, that her abilities would not stand up to scientific testing, and that she may be nothing more that a clever magician.

Uri Geller.
Geller is one of the most well-known "psychics" who has publicly demonstrated feats of psychokinesis: spoon and key bending have become almost synonymous with Geller's name. Although many skeptics and magicians consider his metal-bending performances nothing more than adroit sleight-of-hand, Geller has allegedly shown that he can manifest the effects over great distances and in multiple locations. On a British radio show in 1973, after demonstrating key bending to the astonishment of the host, Geller invited the listening audience to participate. Just minutes later, phone calls began pouring into the radio station from listeners all over the UK reporting that knives, forks, spoons, keys and nails began to bend and twist spontaneously. Watches and clocks that had not run in years began to work. It was an event whose success surprised even Geller and thrust him into the spotlight.

Some magicians may be able to duplicate some of these effects, but there may be legitimacy to this telekinetic phenomenon. In April, 2001, University of Arizona psychology professor Gary Schwartz conducted a
"spoon-bending party" at which about 60 students were able to bend spoons and forks, with varying degrees of success, seemingly with the power of their minds. (Do you want to try it yourself? Here's How to Host a Spoon-Bending Party.)

Poltergeist Activity

Some researchers contend that the most common form of psychokinesis is one that is not consciously intended. Poltergeist activity, they suggest, might be caused by the subconscious of people under stress, emotional turmoil or even hormonal peaks. Without conscious effort, these people cause china to fly off shelves, objects to break or loud rappings to emanate from their houses' walls, among other effects.

In the same way, PK might also be responsible for phenomena experienced at séances. Table tilting, knockings and levitation might not be caused by contact with spirits, but by the minds of the participants. And, yes, many, many séances have been hoaxed over the years, but if you think the paranormal phenomena documented at some séances is not real, read the article
How To Create a Ghost.


How Does It Work?

How psychokinesis works is unknown for certain, but many parapsychologists think that it is a demonstration of the physical influence of a person's brain on the physical world.

Robert L. Shacklett at
Speculations about PK says that laboratory tests demonstrate that "the release of relatively large amounts of physical energy can be triggered by thought power." And this power can move or influence things, essentially, because cosmologically we are all connected to everything else. "'Thought' takes place at a different level than the physical (call it 'mind') but interacts with the physical through a weak coupling between physical energy and a more subtle energy form," he says. "The physical level operates in accordance with natural law except at the times when thought interacts with it."

"Everyone has the potential to be able to be telekinetic. Telekinesis is created by higher levels of consciousness. The energy to move or bend an object is created by a person's thoughts created by their subconscious mind."

How remains the puzzle. But there are theories:

Some researchers suspect there might be a quantum connection. Unpredictable, often bizarre effects have been documented in the world of subatomic particles, ruled by the perplexing laws of quantum mechanics. Are our minds capable of directing.

Subatomic particles and energies in a way that results in PK phenomena?

One theory is that psychokinesis is the manipulation of a sort of human "magnetic field" around the body, which can be concentrated in a specific area. For this to work, they say, you must be able to relax completely and focus your attention without distraction.

Another speculation is that mediums or participants in a séance are able to coalesce sound or heat waves within a room to form coherent energy which can then be directed at an object, such as a table, causing it to move.

Although the "how" of PK remains unknown, research and experimentation on this fascinating phenomenon continues in respected research labs around the world. (
Go here for a brief history of psychokinetic research.)

Developing and Testing Your Psychokinetic Powers

Can anyone have powers of telekinesis?

"Everyone has the potential to be able to be telekinetic," says Deja Allison at Telekinesis on Crystalinks. "Telekinesis is created by higher levels of consciousness. It cannot be created by 'wishing it' to happen on the physical level. The energy to move or bend an object is created by a person's thoughts created by their subconscious mind."

Several websites suggest ways that you might be able to develop or strengthen powers of psychokinesis.
Using Psychological Telekinesis says meditation and a kind of chanting, which they provide, can help train your mind for the task, even though they offer no proof of any kind that it really works.

Mario Varvoglis, Ph.D., author of
PSI Explorer, suggests that the best way to begin testing psychokinetic powers is not by trying to move a table or even a matchbook. Varvoglis says it's much better to see if you can influence movement on a microscopic level - micro-PK. Micro-PK has been tested for years with such devices as random number generators, in which the subject tries to influence the random outcome of the machine in a way that is much greater than chance. Some of the most interesting tests of this kind are being conducted at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Laboratory (PEAR) laboratory at Princeton University - and their results show that some people really can influence the computerized random number generators with the power of their minds. Varvoglis provides a similar test on his PSI Explorer CD-ROM.

Spirit Online offers this seven-step method of improving your PK:

Meditate daily for half an hour, 15 minutes if your schedule is too busy. Attempt PK at least once a day, twice if possible. Give yourself a good 30-60 minutes to try it.
Focus on one method for at least a week; if it shows no results, switch methods.
Be at ease; instead of taking it too seriously, think of it as an experiment, a game. If you try too hard you'll just end up frustrating yourself and you'll get nowhere.
Don't give up.
Don't tell yourself you can't do it, because you can.

This site also provides instructions for a few tests you can set up and conduct at home.

There are a few online experiments where you can test your psychokinetic abilities:

Online Psychokinesis Experiment provides three different tests in which can try to move a red line on a colored bell curve, try to influence the appearance of a randomly generated shape, or try to influence the position of a blue circle on the screen.

RetroPsychoKinesis Experiments Online also offers three tests: the same bell curve test as above, a clock face that you try to manipulate, and a pendulum whose swing you try to influence.

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Mysterious Orbs Of Light

Mysterious Orbs Of Light At North Texas Church

(Go to the link above and click on the news video link and check out the orb on film going through a woman's body)

CBS 11 News) HALTOM CITY In the world of the paranormal, experts say there are many phenomena that can occur involving light. But one North Texas church has reported not only the appearance of orbs, but other religious manifestations.

Riverwalk Fellowship Church is a charismatic church in Haltom City. The services aren't exactly traditional and neither are some of the reported phenomena happening there lately.

The church’s senior pastor Steve Solomon, a Messianic Jew (a Jew who believes Jesus is his/her messiah) has reported, among other things, an oil substance manifesting on the balcony and on the baptismal and the pulpit of the sanctuary.

One of the church’s prayer intercessors, Velma Alexander, was the first person to discover the oil when entering the sanctuary one day and simply touching one of the columns in the church. She says her initial reaction was, "Somebody better call Pastor Steve, ‘cause oil don't come outta wood and brass!" Alexander said when the pastor first heard about it he thought something had broken, thus their investigation into the matter began.

Solomon said that as people began taking pictures of the oil, something else began to appear in the pictures. He said, "We'd started taking pictures at church and almost everyone would just take a picture and these orbs of light would show up."

We decided to pay a visit to the church and take our own picture. It revealed a very large blue orb hovering over a woman’s head as she was being prayed over.

It all looked very compelling but we needed an expert opinion. Most photography experts said light can reflect in many different ways and there are so many variables, it can be difficult to explain in scientific terms.

One thing that intrigued all the experts was a video shot by a 13-year-old boy at this church. According to the pastor, the teenager was visiting the church and was videotaping the service. The pastor says the power went out during the service, but despite the darkness in the sanctuary, they kept going. Later, when they replayed the boy’s videotape, they saw an orb of light moving through a church member. Pastor Solomon said, “…starts at her feet and goes right through her body out her head."

We contacted an expert in paranormal psychology and director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations in Berkeley, California. We told Loyd Auerbach about the videotape and about what we had seen at the church. Aurebach said, "Orbs on video and photography are said to be all kinds of things from energetic effects to ghosts to even UFO's.” But, he said, this sounded like psychokinetic energy " from the person or energy between the people; if it's a healing situation, affecting the film, the digital media." In other words, the orbs might have been that energy caught on tape.

Auerbach said once you eliminate the photographic possibilities like other light sources, dust on the lenses, tampering, etc. – and someone is physically affected, then it bears watching. He said that since, in this case, the power had gone out, we had checked our lens and the tape was viewed immediately, “something is ‘probably’ going on.”

According to Auerbach, there have been many experimental studies on orbs done in the past two decades and they have concluded that some people do exhibit the ability to affect film and other human beings merely with their thoughts or energy.

Pastor Solomon pointed to the orbs of light depicted in very old paintings behind Jesus and the Saints and said, “how did they know to do that; where did that come from?” Solomon added, "I believe it's a sign from the Lord. There's nothing wrong with supernatural signs."

The feeling seemed to be echoed by Velma Alexander, the woman who discovered the oil in the church. She was still reeling from her experience. She said, "it was awesome. I haven't been the same since…I don’t care what they say, I know God is real.”

Although there are no true experts on orb photography, experts like Auerbach give us at least a glimpse into the possibilities they might present. There are many Websites devoted to the orb phenomena. One site we found,, gives a thorough layout of how to discern between what it terms real orbs—ones that are actually paranormal in nature—and flukes, such as reflections. The Website says that although most orbs are not paranormal in nature it is wise to take a closer look at orbs which “move” while on camera.