Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Portals? Vortex's?

Portals? Vortex's? Other than photographs how can we prove they exist? The picture above was taken Christmas Season 2004 by me. There where you see the funnel shaped ecto reeling from multiple psychics and mediums have told us there is portal/vortex there. Below is a picture I captured there this past Christmas Season 2005 while shooting pictures of my husband and the Christmas lights. We were not "Ghost Hunting" when the shots were shot, they were simply holiday Christmas shots of our home.

On another note? Eastern Paranormal is gearing up for it's orb study. If you are a paranormal group and would like to participate please contact Gabreael at concerning this. For more ghost photos please go to . While you are there please scroll down to the Top 100 Banner and vote for Eastern Paranormal.