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Bare Bones Basic Type Of Spirits / Ghost

Bare Bones Basic Type Of Spirits

By Gabreael

Repost From : Sunday, June 26, 2005


Appearance & Characteristics:

An Angel is a spiritual or celestial being (Non-Human) sent to earth to do Gods bidding such as; relay a message, to serve wrath, serve as a protector…..They do Gods bidding, not mans. They can take many different forms such as a human but unlike their nemesis (Demons), they will be perfect when they manifest (No missing body parts). There are so many different types of angels that there are entire books written on just this subject.

Apparitions or Disembodied Spirits

Appearance & Characteristics:

This is one of the most uncommon occurrences caught on film, but what all ghost hunters aspire to. They may show up in a transparent human form wearing clothing of their period, or on rare occurrences they may not be transparent.


Appearance & Characteristics:

Demons are not human, but they can appear to look human. They have the capability of human possession, and the strength greater than any flesh and blood creature. Never challenge this type of entity. Usually demonic spirits are distinguished by their dark, or black masses of psychic energy. These are often dark black, wispy shapes are seen in cases where the demonic are concerned. I have found that demons will never appear “Perfect” when taking a human form. They will be missing something, eye (s), finger (s), hand (s), …… There are so many different types of demons that there are entire books written on just this subject.

Ectoplasm & Ecto-Mist

Appearance & Characteristics:

This can appear as a cloudy or stingy mist.The term “Ectoplasm” is used to describe the substance that resonates from spirit mediums. I have seen this several times stringing out of my solar plexus. I was a bit over loaded with session this past Christmas and kept seeing this. My husband actually captured it several times on my chest area while taking Christmas pictures.

Evil Spirits AKA Dark Entities

Appearance & Characteristics:

Some categorize these under demonic. I choose not to. I have encountered darker entities that were human in their past life’s (Demons are never human). They usually desire to cause havoc, or ill will. They can take many different shapes. They are more known by their nature and energy. Just because someone dies it does not mean they become “Perfect.” If they were a mean spirited person here on earth, and now are earth bound for whatever reasons they will retain the same character traits.


Appearance & Characteristics:

Orbs are the most photographed anomalies captured on film by everyday folks. Often they are transparent or translucent balls of light. Sometimes they appear to have an inner substance (nucleus or brain). Other times they appear to have actually faces in them. Orbs are believed by many to be the soul or spirit of those that have passed on from this life. Other theories on orbs range from space aliens, angels, multi dimensional beings, demons, ….. You get the ideal. They can also be different colors, and there are also many theories on this. Orbs can also be mistaken for rain drops, dust, …. The best orb pictures are orbs in motion and the bright ones with the inner substance.

Shadow Ghosts

Appearance & Characteristics:

These ghosts usually appear as a shadow of sorts. They are somewhat evasive and usually on the run in any shots they are captured in. Some believe they are demonic spirits but I do not necessarily believe that. I am still trying to figure out what they are. They often appear jumping around out of the corner of ones eye and range around 2 ft or more in size. In most photos they are captured to the side.

Vaporous & Ghostly Mist

Appearance & Characteristics:

These favor a mist or fog, sometimes a swirl effect within a vaporous cloud. The most common color is white or gray for these, but they can/have appeared in other colors including black.

Vortex AKA Funnel Ghosts

Appearance & Characteristics:

This is a swirling funnel shape when in motion. They can also appear long and narrow and having a tread like design. Some theorize this is a vehicle to transport spirits in the shape of orbs from their realm to ours.

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