Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Celebrity Ghost Story

Here is a celebrity ghost story on one of the Gibb brothers from the Bee Gees.




Robin house 'haunted'
By Cameron Robertson

THERE'S a strange noise coming from Robin Gibb's home - and it's not one of his old records...it's a ghost.

The 57-year-old Bee Gees singer claims his 12th-century house is haunted by a spook who likes to play pranks on him and his family.

Robin said: "There's a resident ghost who mysteriously fills up the water in the old font in the chapel which we converted into a dining room.

"This was a place where monks would be trained for their vocation."

Robin, who sang lead vocals for Giving Up The Ghost on the band's 1987 album ESP, said he has been a keen historian since the age of eight.

He added: "I love visiting old churches and reading about historical characters. I've always had at least one history book on the go, even on tour."

No doubt the poltergeist plaguing his home in Thame, Berks, will be shifting a few of his history book around.

And if it's a really good ghost, it'll hide his Bee Gees albums, too.