Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Space Aliens, Big Foot, .....

I have a paranormal problem. I know we have many "Big Foot" and "Space Alien" readers, because you write me from time to time whining because we don't cover them on our site at Eastern Paranormal. If big foot or space aliens exist surely someone can capture one, just one with a satellite, cell phone camera, get the ideal.

I firmly believe the soul exist outside of the body. I can furnish proof of this with my pictures, EVP's, ....... However, I am looking folks, but I have found no proof of space aliens, nor Big Foot. I am open minded, I find it hard to believe we are alone out there, and there are many things in history we really cannot account for. However with technology being what it is today I see no reason why people who are UFO, big foot, Nessie,....enthusiast cannot furnish us with some credible evidence. Furnish me with credible proof of one of these items and I will post it on EP's site, in the blog, and anywhere else I can help you with. I am not ignoring your emails or request, I am simply requiring some sort of proof.

Below is a story with an example of what I am referencing. With programs like Google Earth anyone can now be a "Super Fly Spy." If you would like to download Google Earth go here:


Experimental Oz project packs grav-busting hyperdrive

Published Monday 23rd January 2006 11:08 GMT

Here's a question for you: what have the Nazi wartime test facility at
Peenemunde and the Australian city of Perth got in common? Well, the first thing (and just about the only thing, truth be told) which springs to mind is that they are both next to large bodies of water. This is useful if you're going to test things which might go bang. Like V-2 rockets and - wait for it - flying cars:

According to our Oz photo interpretation bureau (Clinton Bird), the vehicle in question is at an altitude of three of four metres and doing about 80 knots. Which rules out a rocket-powered project, and we can see no evidence of the Wankel-powered turbofan outrigger engines favoured by the Moller Corporation:

Which leaves just one possible explantion: the Aussies have developed a gravity-busting hyperdrive, have bolted it into a second-hand Holden, and are seen here in the split second before their X-Motor made the transdimensional leap to hyper light speed.

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